About CONjuration

CONjuration is a Fan Directed Convention in Atlanta, GA

Those who do not believe in magic, will never find it. Let’s bring magic to the Atlanta convention scene together.

For years Atlanta’s opportunities for attending a magically themed convention have been limited. Our goal is to bring a stable, FAN DIRECTED convention to the Atlanta area and we are passionate about conjuring up something special and intimate for fans of Harry Potter, LOTR, Hobbit, & other magical literature, movies & experiences. We offer a family-friendly environment during the day and plenty of exciting, more adult oriented programming later in the evening as well. From displays of magic, to academia professionals, musical entertainment, crafts & cosplay to interactive experiences; CONjuration is designed to illicit thought provoking wonder and fun!

2014, our inaugural year, had almost 600 attendees and lots of amazing, positive feedback. During 2015, we grew to about 1000 attendees and 2016 was enjoyed by well over 1200 attendees. We are very much looking forward to our next event in 2017!

CONjuration is the creation of Chris & Angela Seckinger, two geeks based in the Atlanta, Georgia area that have been attendees, staff members, and vendors at a wide assortment of conventions for decades.

Having attended and worked at fan run conventions as well as corporate conventions, Chris and Angela are able to use the information and skills that they’ve acquired to bring you a better all around convention experience. Chris even runs a Harry Potter themed day camp during the summer! In fact, the camp is why CONjuration exists today. The camp is designed for kids 8-16; however, tons of requests came in from adults wanting to participate as well. So, ta-dah…we offer CONjuration as the adult, but family-friendly option where attendees from 0 to 80 have already experienced the magic for themselves!

Join us for CONjuration 2017!
May you have a magical time.