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Phoenix Tears Productions & Death Day Players

Phoenix Tears Productions is an Orlando based Theatre Company presenting fandom shows at conventions around the country.

Phoenix Tears Productions & Death Day Players

Phoenix Tears Productions is a women-run, small Orlando based Theatre Company that has presented fandom based shows at conventions around the country.

At CONjuration, they have performed murder mysteries and a “multi-fandom” dating show and little skits during opening ceremonies – this group is so much fun and extremely talented!

Along with their convention performances, they also produce shows in various venues around Central Florida including the Orlando Fringe Festival.

You can also find them producing two ongoing projects, Ten Minute Tuesdays and the Death Day Players. Ten Minute Tuesdays is a project that takes place once a month and features three 10-minute stories written and submitted to them by playwrights around the world. The Death Day Players is a Murder Mystery series created by Phoenix Tears and customizable for your event. If you would like to learn more about any of their projects or upcoming events, visit their website at



Draco & The Malfoys

Draco & The Malfoys sing from Draco Malfoy’s perspective. 5 full-length albums/1 EP. Both members will be here this year!

Draco & The Malfoys

Formed in 2005 as a “one time joke,” Draco & the Malfoys sing songs about Harry Potter from Draco Malfoy’s perspective. They have released 5 full-length albums and 1 EP and played over 200 shows at libraries, conventions, pizza shops, an indoor soccer arena, a cruise ship and other venues. They been featured on MTV, Fuse, Entertainment Weekly and more.  Their blend of witty humor and love for music has earned them regular appearances at many Harry Potter and many other geeky festivals.  One of their favorite reviews called them, “old enough to know better.”

Dr. Osborn – Magician and Amazing Balloon Artist

Blending comedy, magic, juggling, & balloon animals into a unique, fun extravaganza you will NEVER forget!
Controlled chaos ensues when Doctor Osborn the Magical Mad Scientist descends upon the convention! Bent on world domination through the use of his haphazard and flaky experiments, he uses the convention attendees as laboratory rats to carry out his diabolical schemes!

Multi-award winning magician and balloon artist Darrell (The Doctor) Osborn combines his theater and art training with his life-long work in the variety arts (including time in the circus) to draw people into his world of madness. Part Wizard, part Snake Oil Salesman, the Doctor causes further havoc by warping people’s minds with his Balloons of Doom! Always a fan favorite for all ages. Be afraid! Be very afraid!