Musical Storytellers with Artistic Endeavors

Neil – Wanting to do more with my music I started incorporating more score and storytelling elements in my writing. My personal music tends to lean in the direction of a darker folk style, usually accompanied by a narrative or atmosphere, but I also love writing scores for T.V. and film, which opens up opportunities that you normally wouldn’t have otherwise.

Having trouble speaking most of my life, I was always searching for ways around the stutter. You don’t stutter when you sing, due to the “choral effect”. In singing I found myself freed from the bonds of the stutter, something I haven’t really known. To me music is complete freedom.




Jessica – Being nothing if not a multi-faceted individual, by January of 2010, I was practicing massage, starting my glorious career in accounting, and taking art classes when a classmate heard that his friend Neil needed a female singer for a project he was working on and introduced us.

I’d been in church choirs, taken chorus classes all through high school and college, and regularly belted out tunes by Imogen Heap, Linkin Park, Andrew Peterson, and Broadway staples while driving down the interstate or washing dishes at home… but I’d never been much of a solo singer or been “in a band,” so I was excited about the opportunity.

Neil and I got along well right away and that one project turned into an ongoing musical relationship, which turned into a deep friendship, and finally a lifelong partnership. We were, at long last, married in 2016.