Hawthorn & Holly are a pop punk band that plays songs about Harry Potter.  Started in 2007, these wizards hail from Charlotte, NC.  Leah Hamm and Christie Mowery weave gorgeous harmonies with Eddie Mowery on guitars and Dave Beaucar of Bristol, CT on bass.

            They have established themselves as a fixture in the wizard rock and filk/geek rock community, performing as featured artists at ConCarolinas, Misti-Con, and Harry Potter Wizarding Weekends up and down the East Coast!

            This Conjuration, the band is proud to present to you their brand new album, “We are the Wizard Resistance!”.  Don’t be surprised to find yourself dancing and singing along to their fun and infectious music, and falling in love with their ballads as well.

Hawthorn & Holly are the wands of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter in the book, but in this band stands for the joining of light and dark to create music that appeals to the Slytherin in us all, but also shows that nothing is greater than the power of friendship!